NP Multi Circuit Non-Pressurized

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Geo-Flo’s NP Multi™ is an engineered solution designed to simplify your
geothermal applications for multiple heat pumps by providing virtually all of
the piping, flushing/purging valves, and pumps/zone valves for three to five
heat pumps as part of a factory assembled package. There is no easier method
available on the market today for multi-unit installations.


Functions and Features

  • Multiple Heat Pump Piping: Factory assembled headers/manifolds for three, four, or five heat pumps. Significant labor savings for up to 25-30 ton systems.
  • Variable Speed Central Pump or Constant Speed Distributed Pumping: Premium (most efficient) option utilizes central variable speed pumping (Magna3) and a zone valve for each heat pump; alternate design provides one, two, or three (UPS26-99 or UP26-116) pumps for each heat pump with check valves and isolation valves.
  • Choice of Variable Speed Central Pump Options: Single insulated pump, two pumps in series, or two pumps in parallel (primary/backup -- wire­less communication), plus two pump sizes.
  • Choice of Zone Valves: Taco Geo Sentry™, Belimo, or remote (user provided) zone valve options.
  • Loop Expansion/Air Separation: Non-pressurized design operates as a “built in” expansion tank and air separator. Pressure/vacuum relief cap is standard on all NP Series flow centers.
  • HDPE Tank with Insulated Cabinet: Heat fused connections to HDPE tank eliminates leaks; foamed in cabinet helps prevent condensation at low ground loop temperatures.
  • Ground Loop Connection Choices: 3” ANSI flange, 2” HDPE fusion, or 2” PVC Schedule 80 connections to ground loop for maximum flexibility.
  • Online Calculator: A comprehensive design tool is available on the Geo-Flo website. From pres­sure drop calculation, to pump sizing to model number generation, the Calculator is an essential design tool for multi unit applications.