NP Dual Circuit Non-Pressurized

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The new NP series Dual Circuit non-pressurized flow center is the next evolution in Geo-Flo’s NP series. By in­corporating flushing valves into the flow center, the ground loop may be flushed without adding external flush ports, saving installation time and additional cost. Plus, piping becomes much simpler. Flo-Link™ double O-ring transition fittings are available for most any application (PE fusion, PVC, threaded, etc.). Top or side connec­tions to the ground loop add even more flexibility.

The NP series Dual Circuit flow center is specifically designed for applications with two geothermal heat pumps by eliminating the need for T’s, additional piping, check valves, and pump sharing relays. Simply connect the ground loop to the 3-way valves at the top of the flow center (side or top connections) and the heat pumps to the side connections. The pump(s) on each side is powered only when that heat pump is running. There is no easier method available on the market today for two-unit installations.

NP series dual Circuit