Hydraulic Separator

Hydraulic separator geo-floApplication:

The Geo-Flo Hydraulic Separator (GHS) creates a low pressure loss zone, where two independent primary and secondary circuits may be connected. The flow in one circuit does not affect the flow in the other circuit. The pressure drop of the ground loop (primary circuit) may be considered separately from the pressure drop of the inside piping and heat pump heat exchangers (secondary circuit) for smaller pump sizing. Additional benefits of a Hydraulic Separator include air and dirt separation. The low pressure loss zone (less than 2 fps) causes any dirt/debris to fall to the bottom of the tank, where it can be drained at the blow-down valve. Likewise, any air that may still be in the system collects at the top of the tank, where it can be eliminated via the automatic air vent.


Power coated steel; CFC-free, polyurethane foam insulation


High density polyethylene

Automatic Air Vent:

Brass body and cover, air vent with silicone rubber seal, polyethylene temperature resistant float. Can be disassembled for inspection and cleaning.

Ball Valves:

(3) 1/2“ FPT full port brass, one for connection to expansion tank, one for connection to automatic air vent, and one for use as a blow-down valve.