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Hydro-Connect Buffer Tank
Magna3 Product Data Guide (PDF 15.4 MB)

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UPS32-160 Single
UPS32-160 Double (VersaFlo)
UPS40-160 Single (VersaFlo)
UPS40-160 Double (VersaFlo)
UPS40-240 Single (VersaFlo)
UPS40-240 Double (VersaFlo)
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UPS60-150 Double (SuperBrute XL)

Submittal Data

MAGNA3 40 Series Insulated Pump (PDF, 2.8 MB)
MAGNA3 65 Series Insulated Pump (PDF, 1.8 MB)
MAGNA3 Dual Head Insulated Pump (PDF 0,95 MB)
GHS Hydraulic Separator (PDF, 0.3MB)
Hydro-Connect Buffer Tank (PDF 2.5 MB)
FL-1 Flo-Link One-Pump Flow Center(3-speed) (PDF, 1,1 MB)
FL-2 Flo-Link Two-Pump Flow Center (3-speed) (PDF, 1,1 MB)
FLV1 Flo-Link One-Pump Variable Speed Flow Center (PDF, 1MB)
FLV2 Flo-Link Two-Pump Variable Speed Flow Center
GPM-1 Foam Insulated Modules (PDF, 1 MB)
GPM-2 Foam Insulated Modules (PDF, 1 MB)
GPM-3 Foam Insulated Modules (PDF, 0.8 MB)
GPM-4 Foam Insulated  Modules (PDF, 0.9 MB)
SD1206: VersaFlo UPS32-160 Single Pump Module (PDF, 0.6 MB)
SD1207: VersaFlo UPS32-160 Double Pump Module (PDF, 0.6 MB)
SD1208: VersaFlo UPS40-160 Single Pump Module (PDF, 0.6 MB)
SD1209: VersaFlo UPS40-160 Double Pump Module (PDF, 0.6 MB)
SD1210: VersaFlo UPS40-240 Single Pump Module  (PDF, 0.6 MB)
SD1211: VersaFlo UPS40-240 Double Pump Module (PDF, 0.6 MB)
SD1237: SuperBrute XL UPS60-150 Double Pump Module (PDF, 1 MB)
SD 1271/1273:  non-pressurized flow center, single pump
SD 1272/1274:  non-pressurized flow center, double pump
SD 1275:  non-pressurized flow center, variable speed pump
SD1304-1309: non-pressurized dual circuit flow center
**NEW** SD1334-1336: non-pressurized var. spd. dualckt. flow center (PDF 1.95 MB)
SD 1276:  non-pressurized flow center, variable speed, double pump (1.74 MB)
SD 1285-1286: Insulated Pump with Isolation Valves
SD 1300-1303 panel mount flow center
SD3230: Pressure Battery Expansion Tank (PDF, 0.5 MB)
SD3490 in Flo-Link Check Valve (PDF, 0.6 MB)
Geo-Prime Tank (PDF, 0.2 MB)
Geo-Booster Submittal Sheet (PDF, 0.3 MB)
Flush Cart Submittal Sheet (PDF, 0.6 MB)


Hydro - ConnectIntegrated Buffer Tank Applic / Install Manual (PDF, 10.6 MB)
Geo-Booster Installation Instructions (PDF, 0.9 MB)
Geo-Prime Installation Instructions (PDF, 0.5 MB)
Pressurized Flow Center Installation, Operating, and Maintenance Instructions (PDF, 3.7 MB)
NP Series Non-Pressurized Flow Center Installation, Operating, and Maintenance Manual (6.8 MB)
NPD Series Dual-Circuit Non-Pressurized Flow Center Install., Oper., & Maint. Manual (3.5 MB)
UPC-GEO Installation, Operating, and Maintenance Instructions (PDF, 5.3 MB)
VersaFlo Pump Installation and Operating Instructions (PDF, 2.3 MB)
Magna3 Installation and Operating Instructions (PDF, 26.3 MB)


Geothermal pipe and fittings socket and butt fusion procedures.

Geothermal pipe and fittings should be fused following the manufacturers' specified procedures.  The following are links to two manufacturer's websites that provide PDF downloads for data such as socket and butt fusion temperatures and heating/cooling times.

Charter Plastics (opens new Window)

Performance Pipe (opens new Window)


For more information on Geothermal Heating and Cooling please visit the following:

Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO)

International Ground Source Heat Pump Association