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Hydro-Connect™ Integrated Control System & Buffer Tank

Application/Installation Manual | Submittals | Sizing Calculator

Hydro-Connect HydronicsGeo-Flo’s Hydro-Connect is an engineered solution to simplify your hydronic design by providing easy to understand Integrated Controls, Outdoor Temperature Reset, Warm Weather Shut Down and Zoning with a Buffer Tank.Application/Installation Manual | Submittals | Sizing Calculator

An affordable application solution for:

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps ...
    • Water-to-Water
    • Combination Units
  • Chilled Water Systems
  • Low Mass Boilers
  • Low Mass Radiation

Functions and Features:

  • Hydraulic separation: Creates low pres­sure zone, de-couples the connected source and load side circuits hydraulically. Independent flow in one circuit (source) does not interfere with flow in the other (load).
  • Multiple Control Options: User select­able for... a) Radiant Floor and Separate Cooling System, b) Radiant Floor and Fan Coil(s), c) Radiant Floor and Forced Air Cooling with a Combination Ground Source Heat Pump.
  • Outdoor Temperature Reset: Improves system efficiency and saves energy.
  • Warm Weather Shut Down: Automatically monitors and turns “off” the heating func­tion when warm outdoor ambient occurs.
  • Integrated Controls: Simplifies electrical wiring between (source side) heating/cooling unit and the (load side) distribu­tion system(s).
  • Independent Zoning (up to 6): Handles 3 stages of heating/2 stages of cooling, including back up boiler output. Thermo­stats, source unit(s), and zone valves or zone pumps are wired to the control pan­el provided with External System Function and Zone Indicator Display Lights.


Hydro-Connect Applications